We can handle any size of order and supply any volume in either the very fastest or most economical lead time.

PCBs are clearly an economy of scale product, and the price that you pay is always relative to the volume of boards that you order, and the largest and most efficient batch sizes that can be made at any one time.

The time and cost to set up production for a single board is the same as it would be for a million boards. Therefore, we always try to find a way to manufacture the largest batches possible, without risking either obsolescence or producing more boards than you need for assembly within a set period, to ensure that they are in the best possible condition.

There will be occasions where we will honour a volume price break, but choose to manufacture the boards in split batches so that every PCB supplied has the longest shelf life and the least degradation caused by being held in storage. This should guarantee the best yield at the production stage.

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