T-gard is designed to solve overheating issues in modern power component assemblies.


T-gard is a range of thermally conductive electrically insulating materials which has been created to provide a solution to overheating problems. Most T-gard products are film-based, designed to resist tears and cut through in screw mounting applications, and provide a more consistent breakdown voltage over alternative insulation constructions.

T-gard materials can be die-cut into any standard or custom shape. T-gard offers a thermal impedance range from 0.13 - 0.6°C-in /watt at 50 psi, high dielectric strength of >6,000 volts AC and uses UL recognized materials File No. E180840. In addition, the soft coating on the film core gives an outstanding mating surface for low pressure clip mounting applications. T-gard insulator products come in a broad range of thermal performances to suit a variety of applications including AC/DC power supplies, audio amplifiers, automotive products, power generators and UPS.

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