We can apply special finishes and materials to help with multi-pass assembly processes or satisfy specific functions.

We can offer a peel-able solder mask application to help multiple soldering processes leave selected holes free of solder, for the subsequent insertion of secondary components. 

For applications where contact pads are required for the use of contact switches, actuators and buttons, we can apply either selective ‘hard gold’ plating or printed carbon pads. These will offer exceptional long-term reliability and elevated contact performance for applications such as telecoms devices and IT peripherals, for example.

Finally, we offer a comprehensive range of via technologies including standard vias, blind and buried vias, filled vias and via-in-pad technology. We also understand the applications for vias that are used to encourage thermal dissipation under heat generation devices such as transistors and FETs. We are happy to advise you on the use of via technologies in special applications.

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