We can offer any grade or thickness of substrate laminate material to match your specification.

In fact, we can supply the full range of North American, European and Far East manufactured materials for the manufacture of PCBs, including all FR grade materials, CEM, PTFE (Rogers or Arlon), ceramic and polyamide flexi and flex-rigid grades, and IMS (metal) boards.

We can also manufacture your PCBs to a specified build if you have impedance requirements for the intended use of the product for broadcast, microwave or transmission applications for example.

Part of our engineering service is to ensure that the PCBs you request are panelized in the most efficient way to utilize as much of the manufacturing panel as possible. This can help to bring down the price of the manufactured PCB.

Laminates available include:

  • FR1
  • CEM1
  • CEM3
  • FR4 (standard, Hi Tg/Td)
  • Shengyi
  • Kingboard
  • Iteq
  • Nelco
  • Rogers
  • Isola and other RF/high frequency laminates

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