Free in-house CAM engineering resources ensure that the PCB we manufacture for you gives the yield and performance you need.

Having an internal CAM resource like this enables us to offer you rapid panelization to suit your nominated assembly process, and we can give you stepped data for approval before manufacture.

We can take your raw data right through to a full manufacturing specification in the minimum possible time to help with your assembly set-up procedure. This includes scrutinizing all submitted Gerber data and engineering drawings to ensure that every aspect of a design and material choice is followed.

In addition, we try to add value by suggesting ways to improve the manufacturing capability of your PCBs by applying industry standard design rule checks (DRC). We can also change or amend designs to include alternatives if certain components have long lead-time availability.

For basic PCB technologies, we can even reverse-engineer a board where the original data has either been lost or corrupted.

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