A full range of metal PCBs from a group with over 50 years PCB manufacturing experience and 12 years in metal base thermal PCBs.

As part of the TCL Group of PCB companies, DK-Evolution can draw on all of the experience, resources and know-how of the parent group, and provide these assets to customers in any tailored package.

What are the advantages of using metal base thermal PCBs (MPCBs, MCB, IMPCB, IMS or aluminium boards)? The metal substrate utilizes the PCB to remove heat from component devices. The thermal efficiency gained by using a metal-backed board allows for downsizing of designs and hardware removal. What’s more, electrical insulation between the copper and base metal is achieved using tailored dielectric layers with high thermal conductivity.

Metal PCBs bring many more advantages to manufacturing. Power densities can be increased whilst components are kept cool, therefore increasing life and durability, and allowing the devices to be driven harder. Surface Mount Technology can take manual assembly from the traditional heat sink, clip, sil-pad arrangement. In addition, the circuits can be shaped, drilled and formed, a significant advantage when compared with ceramic-based product.

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