It pays to plan ahead for the Chinese holidays

The annual Chinese New Year holiday begins on 11 February 2018, which is when our Far East plants close to celebrate the coming of the 'Year of the Dog'. Naturally, you will want to avoid potential PCB supply line issues, so we thought it important to bring the expected factory closure dates to your attention now. 

Our China logistics office recommends we try to ensure product is clear of China customs by the 5 February 2018. Otherwise there is a risk of them becoming log-jammed with shipments, as the New Year closure approaches.

We expect production to be back to normal capacity by Monday 26 February 2018. However in our experience the closure has further impact after the holidays by adding approximately three weeks to all lead times encompassing weeks 10, 11 and 12 of 2018.

Please note our factory is currently filling up and we would recommend that you build in, where possible, longer lead times to accommodate your demands over this period.

Recommended order dates

In order to ensure continuity of supply, we recommend orders requiring despatch from China ahead of New Year celebrations be placed in accordance with the dates below. That way you should receive your boards by the times specified.

Air Freight

Production lead time 3 weeks - order by 22 December 2017

Production lead time 4 weeks - order by 13 December 2017

Sea Freight

Production lead time 3 weeks - order by 1 December 2017

Production lead time 4 weeks - order by 24 November 2017

If you would like further information of the closures and how they might affect your February and March 2018 requirements and deliveries, please do not hesitate to contact us today!